Characteristics of High Quality Hotel Furniture

If you are trying to make a very expensive statement with your hotel and you want the best furniture possible, you need to be able to spot high quality furniture and distinguish it from lower quality furniture pieces. I have created sort of a checklist or high point of ideas to look out for when you are shopping for your hotel furniture to ensure that your vendor is not substituting lower or medium quality hotel furniture and trying to pass it off as the top of the line. hotel furniture

When examining the hotel furniture samples, the first place we look are the joints and how they are connected. High quality furniture is built to last and eventually your property should be able to resell it to other properties or definitely on the secondary market. The best type of construction would involve doweling first then the frames being glued and screwed together. If you see mortise and tenon joints, which are the most labor intensive types of joining, that are a bit tip off to overall quality of the piece. The next best in joining is dovetails or even mitering is better than just shoving two boards together. In dressers, if we see there is floating construction where the bottom of the drawer is not tacked or glued in and it “floats” so when humidity changes, that is another sign of care of construction.

For high quality hotel furniture we like to see kiln dried woods that remove as much of the moisture as possible so later the wood will not split when humidity conditions change. We also like to see some of the more expensive woods like cherry, maple or oak on the outside with visible grain. The pieces will look like the wood on the outside was specially selected just for that item rather than just a random grain pattern. We also like to see if all of the grain matches around the entire piece that is visible.

Some of the more vague measures for the hotel furniture are the overall feel. If I put a television on top of the dresser or piece there should be no shifting or creaking. The drawers should glide in and out easily and there should not be any gaps between drawers if they are not part of the design. If there are doors, they should close smoothly and be perfectly aligned. The drawer pulls and knobs should be the best quality possible. A final test is if you look at the back, is it completely finished and even though the wood on the back should be of lower quality, did they take the time to finish the item properly instead of just stapling the back on.

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